Tomorrow's World - Clockwork Radio

It's not only the hi-tech that grabs the 'Tomorrow's World' team. In this edition, Trevor Baylis (pictured above) unveils his clockwork radio, which could be of immense benefit to people who live in areas far from an electric grid. Other items include fast-food cooked by space ovens, bullet-proof glass, a panoramic camera that delivers 3D images, finger-print and voice recognition technology for reducing credit card fraud, plus that favourite of 'TW' - the latest developments for the electric car.

Inventor Trevor Baylis became a familiar face on British TV screens after this programme, joining Channel 4's morning show 'The Big Breakfast' as resident technology expert. He was the subject of two editions of the BBC's 'QED' and one 'This Is Your Life'. Meanwhile, thanks to this instalment of 'Tomorrow's World', his clockwork device came to the attention of an entrepreneur and, within a year, the Freeplay radio was in production in South Africa, providing employment for disabled people in the process.

↗ Originally broadcast 15 April 1994.

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