Tomorrow's World - Christmas 1982

Shaw Taylor (presenter of ITV's long-running crime-stopping series 'Police 5') helps Kieran Prendiville investigate Scotland Yard's new methods of matching finger-prints, with surprising results. Peter Macann uses computer animation - increasingly common in TV production - and, as New Year approaches, the team makes the most of what's left of Christmas past, reporting on musical greetings cards, recycling of wrapping paper and pills that claim to help the sobering-up process. There's also a light-weight harness that can be used to escape tall buildings in an emergency - or just take the quick route down to the office party.

'Tomorrow's World' presenter Maggie Philbin was already a familiar face to TV viewers as a presenter on children's Saturday morning show 'Multi-Coloured Swap Shop'. As novelty pop group Brown Sauce, she and her 'Swap Shop' pals scored a top 20 hit with 'I Wanna Be a Winner' in 1981.

↗ Originally broadcast 30 December 1982.

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