The State Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill - Part 4

In the fourth and final section of the broadcast of the state funeral of Winston Churchill, the procession passes the Tower of London, crosses the Thames and reaches Waterloo Station, from where the coffin will be taken by train to its final resting place. The 34th President of the United States, General Dwight D Eisenhower, delivers a personal tribute to his late friend. The end of this section also shows the moment when the state funeral ends and the private funeral begins, on a jetty of the south bank of the Thames.

The Duke of Norfolk, who was responsible for the organisation of all major state occasions, gave the broadcast of Churchill's funeral the codename Operation Hope Not. Despite five years of intricate advance planning for the event, one tribute took the organisers and broadcasters by surprise. As the procession reached the River Thames, London's dock workers bowed their cranes in salute, as seen 23 minutes into this segment.

↗ Originally broadcast 30 January 1965.

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