The New Social Services and the Citizen

On the eve of the introduction of the new Social Service schemes, the prime minister explains how he believes they will benefit the country. Attlee describes the aims of the four new schemes, the National Insurance Act, Industrial Injuries Act, National Assistance and the National Health Service, and states his belief that they will improve the country's health and happiness.

Clement Attlee was a famously quiet and unassuming man, in fact Churchill said he was "a modest man who has a good deal to be modest about". However, modern commentators see him as one of this country's most effective and efficient prime ministers. In 2006, he and Margaret Thatcher were jointly ranked as the greatest prime ministers of the 20th century in BBC History Magazine.

Originally broadcast 04 July 1948.

↗ This is part of a collection of programmes that charts the birth of the NHS

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