Propaganda Broadcast - Haw-Haw's final propagandist recording

This recording was retrieved from a captured Nazi German tape recorder and may not have been broadcast. It is similar to other transmissions made by Lord Haw-Haw between 23 and 30 April 1945, in which he describes Germany as unified, strong and putting up a front against Russia. Note: Joyce's speech is slurred, probably due to the effects of alcohol.

After the surrender of Germany, BBC correspondent Wynford Vaughan-Thomas broadcast from the studio used by William Joyce in Hamburg. Reportedly, Joyce's script and a bottle of gin were still lying on the desk.

It's also claimed that Joyce coined the phrase "the Iron Curtain". During one of his broadcasts around April 1945 he said: "The Iron Curtain of Bolshevism has come down across Europe."

Originally recorded 30 April 1945.

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