News - Thatcher Arrives at Downing Street

Margaret Thatcher becomes the first female UK prime minister and enters 10 Downing Street. Amid cheers and jeers from the assembled crowd, Mrs Thatcher famously quotes St Francis of Assisi, and recalls Airey Neave with the words "there is work to be done". This is an extended version of the original news broadcast and provides an insight into the coverage of the event and the reactions of the crowd to the new prime minister.

Airey Neave was murdered by a car bomb the day after the general election was announced. In an address at Mr Neave's memorial service one week later, Mrs Thatcher stated that if he had lived he would have been a member of the cabinet and stressed his words "there is work to do", promising never to grow weary "until that work is done".

Originally broadcast 4 May 1979.

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