Monitor - Henry Moore

In this item from the landmark arts series 'Monitor', Huw Wheldon visits Henry Moore at his home in the run-up to a major exhibition of his work at the Whitechapel Gallery in London. He tries to uncover deeper meanings and motivations in the artist's work, but Moore freely admits that he doesn't want to examine himself too thoroughly in case it inhibits his ability to create.

Huw Wheldon, a major figure in television history, went on from devising and presenting the 'Monitor' series to become the BBC's managing director. Under his guidance, the landmark series 'Civilisation', 'Ascent of Man' and 'Alistair Cooke's Letter from America' were all produced. Wheldon helped to found the Open University, held five honorary doctorates, was president of the Royal Television Society and trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. He was also awarded the Military Cross during World War II.

↗ Originally broadcast 20 November 1960.

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