Marie Slocombe - Sound Archives Librarian 1937-1972

Oxford graduate Marie Slocombe joined the BBC as a holiday temp in 1937 and was posted to the Recorded Programmes Department. Interviewed in retirement for the archive's own history, she recalls the day when she and colleague Tim Eckersley were asked to 'tidy up' a pile of old records. It was the beginning of an organised sound archive and the start of a hugely influential career at the BBC for Marie Slocombe.

This interview was recorded for the BBC Sound Archive's own departmental history and has never before been broadcast in full. Marie Slocombe's recollection of events surrounding the recording of King Edward VIII's abdication speech diverges from the story as revealed by the surviving paperwork. The King's abdication speech was recorded, but with the strict stipulation that no copies would be released for re-broadcast or for the purpose of commercial exploitation.

Originally broadcast 25 November 1986.

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