In Town Tonight - Rita Hayworth

American actress Rita Hayworth is interviewed during a visit to London about her latest film, 'Fire Down Below' (1957), in which she plays a leading role alongside Jack Lemmon and Robert Mitchum.

Rita Hayworth was born Margarita Carmen Cansino into a New York showbusiness family on 17 October 1918. Her father, Eduardo Cansino, descended from a line of famous Spanish dancers and her mother, Volga Haworth (from whose surname she adapted her stage name), came from a family of actors. While still a child, she worked as a professional dancer alongside her parents, before taking her first acting role at the age of 16 in the 1935 film 'Dante's Inferno'. The movie was produced by Fox Film Corporation, the company with whom she signed her first contract. By 1941, she had landed her first starring role, opposite Fred Astaire in the musical comedy 'You'll Never Get Rich'.

Originally broadcast 15 July 1956.

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