Grandstand - The Beatles at London Airport

Such was the fervour of Beatlemania that everyone was eager to cover the band's activities, even the live sports programme Grandstand. In this sequence, David Coleman reports on the group's return from the United States to London Airport and Polly Elwes speaks to some of the fans waiting for their favourite Beatle. Coleman eventually gets his chance for an exclusive interview with the boys, who prove as lively and imaginative as ever.

This particular trip to the United States had seen The Beatles take the country by storm, thanks to appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show (73 million people tuned in to see their TV debut). In the week following their return to the UK, the band began shooting their first feature film, A Hard Day's Night, which featured and Son star Wilfrid Brambell as McCartney's grandfather.

↗ Originally broadcast 22 February 1964.

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