Frankly Speaking - Brian Epstein

Brian Epstein talks openly about his early ambitions to be an actor, his preference for classical music and his fondness for all his clients. We also hear about his qualities as a manager, plans for the first Beatles film and how The Searchers are one of the most interesting new bands around. Journalist and seasoned broadcaster Bill Grundy was the first person to present The Beatles to television audiences when he introduced their small-screen debut on Granada TV on 17 October 1962.

An appearance by fledgling punk act The Sex Pistols on the live daytime programme Today in 1976 effectively damaged Bill Grundy's career beyond repair. When Steve Jones and Johnny Rotten swore during their interview, the avuncular Grundy encouraged them to continue, as if to shame them into behaving. Viewers, however, felt that he'd prompted them to swear more. Though he continued to present other programmes, his career never recovered from the 'scandal'.

↗ Originally broadcast 27 May 1964.

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