Five Sculptors - Antony Gormley

In this revealing programme, figurative sculptor Antony Gormley talks about his work and the processes through which he creates it. Viewers witness the plaster cast method he uses on his own body and, as he works, he explains the thinking behind several of his pieces, including Sculpture for Derry Walls (1987), Joy and Knowledge (1987-88), Bed (1981), Pore (1988) and Dawn (1988).

Antony Gormley's grandfather was born in Londonderry, and Gormley's Sculpture for Derry Walls was produced for the city as part of the UK-wide public art project TSWA 3D. The sculptor's wife, Vicken Parsons, is also an artist and was his bodycaster for 12 years, but the task is now carried out by two assistants.

↗ Originally broadcast 22 May 1988.

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