Cyd Charisse

In this unedited recording, dancer Cyd Charisse discusses her collaborations with director Vincente Minnelli. She credits the producer Arthur Freed with persuading Minnelli to make his films swiftly and with lots of energy. Charisse also talks briefly about dancing alongside Fred Astaire, with whom she appeared in 'The Band Wagon' (1953) and 'Silk Stockings' (1957), and planning 'Brigadoon' (1954) with Gene Kelly. Returning to Minnelli, she describes him as a director with 'a perfect eye'.

This unedited interview is presented as it was originally recorded. Therefore, there are changes in the sound levels and there may be some interruptions and interference from background noise.

Parts of this interview were used in the 1982 documentary 'The Magnificent Minnellis'.

Recorded circa 1971.

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