Argument - Women's Rights: Radical Change

In this fascinating discussion programme, MP Sally Oppenheim and the writer and academic Juliet Mitchell debate the current position of women in society from very different political perspectives. Ms Oppenheim, who worked on sex discrimination legislation, wants to elevate women's current status, not change the nature of womanhood. Juliet Mitchell, on the other hand, challenges the whole notion of what it means to be a woman and asks how much of womanhood is a social construct. They discuss education and how best to change attitudes in society and Ms Mitchell lays to rest the bra-burning myth.

Juliet Mitchell is Professor of Psychoanalysis and Gender Studies at Jesus College, Cambridge and has written many books on psychoanalysis and feminism. Sally Oppenheim-Barnes is a Conservative Life Peer. In 1983, her son Phillip was elected as an MP and they became the first mother and son to serve in Parliament at the same time.

↗ Originally broadcast 21 March 1974.

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