Analysis - Sisterhood is Powerful

In this slightly sardonic look at the feminist movement in the USA, Ian McIntyre talks to feminist intellectuals and practitioners, 'pussy cat' opponents, male doubters and supporters of the fight for women's rights. He raises the issues of feminist humourlessness, lack of participation by black women and the problem of solidarity among a large and diverse section of society.

In 1999, Lionel Tiger published 'The Decline of Males', in which he attributed dwindling masculine status to the increasing use of contraception and the growth of women's power in decisions about having children. Author Marya Mannes was a noted social critic and satirist who commented on radio, television and theatre. She was features editor of 'Vogue', won the George Polk Memorial Prize in 1958 and has been described as a 'good reactionary' who was 'not willing to buy righteousness or intolerance from any source'.

↗ Originally broadcast 5 February 1971.

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