A Talk by Ada Flatman

Ada Flatman, a self-proclaimed "proud old militant suffragette", delivers an enthusiastic reminiscence about her recruitment into the Votes for Women campaign. She remembers her arrest and incarceration in Holloway Prison, as well as her heckling of cabinet ministers such as 'Mr Birrell' (Augustine Birrell), who was known to oppose the notion of granting women the vote.

As Ada Flatman mentions here, one champion of many suffragettes was Labour politician Frederick William Pethick-Lawrence (later Baron Pethick-Lawrence), whose wife Emmeline was a prominent member of the Women's Social and Political Union, alongside her namesake Emmeline Pankhurst. Pethick-Lawrence was also Secretary of State for India and Burma in the years leading up to India's independence in 1947.

↗ Originally broadcast 30 December 1946.

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