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Laura Moore

Laura Moore

Cites Anita Roddick as one of her biggest business inspirations

Age: 22
Career: Business Development Manager
Hometown: Warwickshire

Grew up wanting to be a pilot or astronaut

Episode Nine: Truffle shuffle ...

Laura was paired with Stella for the Discount Buying task. She secured a deal to purchase a 'tikka' headdress for £160 from a Southall jeweller, but soon grew annoyed at the bargaining tactics of Stella. In particular, she felt that Stella was too quick to accept a measly £1 discount on the tartan item.

Bickering ensued between the duo when Laura voiced her dismay at Stella's attempts to contact various high profile chefs during their quest to locate white truffles. However, Laura's decision to pay £200 for the item in a Knightsbridge restaurant cost her dearly. Following the task failure, Lord Sugar stated that she had received too many chances in the past and that the truffle transaction was a huge mistake. As a result, she was fired.

Laura was on the losing team Apollo. Their total expenditure, including fines, was £1094.40.

Episode Eight: A quick and sharp tongue ...

Laura was unhappy with Joanna "bulldozing through" her curry-flavoured crisps suggestions during the initial team meeting. Shortly afterwards, she linked up with her Project Manager to begin work on a variety of crisps in a Gloucestershire factory.

She met with Stuart after flying to Hamburg, but failed to heed his advice about the speed of her speech during an important pitch. Consequently, the potential German client was unable to understand much of what she said due to its rapid delivery.

However, Laura was aware that Stella had nabbed the pair's imminent pitch to the Hyatt Hotel, which left her fuming. She subsequently said that her Project Manager had treated her "outrageously". In the boardroom though, Laura told Lord Sugar that she was happy with Stella as her team leader.

Laura was on the winning team Apollo. They secured total orders worth €19,327.

Episode Seven: Overly charged ...

Laura accompanied her Project Manger Stuart on his hedonistic trip to Brands Hatch, helping to set up the cameras for filming the backdrop. At Westfield Shopping Centre, she requested to be part of the selling team. The sales were strong enough to win the task for Apollo, although Joanna was unhappy with Laura's attempts to charge a customer £15 for a DVD that was previously priced at £10.

Laura was on the winning team Apollo. Their total profit was £262.50.

Episode Six: Feeling wasted ...

Laura initially suggested a 'helping hand' concept for Apollo's cleaning product, but was swiftly rebuffed. Her mood was not improved by a recording studio session with Stuart, as she felt her background in marketing was being wasted. Similarly, she was frustrated that Alex delegated the pitch to Sandeesh rather than her.

Laura was on the losing team Apollo. Lord Sugar deemed their campaign to be inferior to Synergy's.

Episode Five: Video star ...  

Laura was less than impressed with the dress she had to wear during the 'Fashion' task in the Trafford Centre. She managed to swipe away any self-consciousness in order to focus on flogging the range of low budget dresses to the younger consumers within the 'One' boutique.

Taking a break from selling duties, she hooked up with Chris to trawl through the shopping complex on a mission to locate Alex's promotional stand. More prominent was the team's promotional video on the centre's big screen, which featured an interview with Laura talking about the new boutique.

Laura was on the losing team Apollo. Their total sales were £3223.43.

Episode Four: Trading verbal blows ...

As part of the London selling team, Laura secured an order for 12 Baby Glow products. A spat subsequently soured the transaction, with Laura unhappy that Paloma took her order book out during the latter stages of the deal. Paloma apologized for her actions, although this did little to resolve the tension between them.

After the next sale, spearheaded by Paloma, Laura felt that her contribution warranted a cut. When this was refused, Laura claimed the situation was "absolutely outrageous".

Laura was on the winning team Apollo. Their total sales were £122,625.90.

Episode Three: A calmer time ...

Perhaps still reeling from the previous week's arguments, Laura kept a low profile throughout the baking task. She attended the pitches alongside the more vocal Shibby and Paloma, before assuming number crunching duties in Covent Garden for the mobile sales team. The team lost, but at least she wasn't brought to tears this time.

Laura was on the losing team Apollo. They took £974.92, spent £308.93 (including compensation) and made a £655.99 profit.

Episode Two: Pass the hankie …

"I think I'm a great leader," proclaimed Laura after securing the role of Apollo's Project Manager. Her team didn't exactly echo her opinion, as Laura led them into the realms of endless squabbling, procrastination and zero sales.

Laura was hardly spoilt for choice when it came to selecting a beach accessory to pitch to the high street retailers. Only Joanna came forward with an idea, which Laura initially criticised before choosing to pursue the Book-eeze product. But before long, Laura broke down in tears after a row about pitching amongst her team. She later admitted that the girls were impossible to control.

One thing that was very possible was a deal with a high street chain for the exclusive sale of Book-eeze, but Laura was unwilling to discuss it. This move was criticised by Karren Brady in the boardroom and contributed towards Apollo's record-breaking grand total of zero sales.

With the task lost, Laura initially chose to bring Joanna and Sandeesh back to the boardroom with her – but changed the latter to Joy after an almighty squabble between the team members. Laura was ultimately spared being fired by Lord Sugar, who acknowledged the difficulties with controlling the team.

Laura was Project Manager of the losing team Apollo. The three retailers placed no orders for their Book-eeze product.

Episode One: Failure is no option for Laura ...

Business development manager Laura instantly made her mark on the all-girls team, coming up with their name Apollo. She cited the Apollo space mission and their 'Failure is not an option' slogan as the inspiration, rather than Rocky Balboa's legendary boxing opponent.

At the sausage factory, Laura was tasked with mincing the upmarket meat product. She later spearheaded a deal to sell a large quantity of bangers to a chef in a restaurant adjacent to Leadenhall Market.

Laura was on the winning team Apollo. They took £860, spent £538.84 and made a profit of £321.16.

About Laura

Laura, a trained violinist, originally dreamed of being a pilot or astronaut before finding her niche and bringing in over £500,000 of sales in her first year as a management consultant.

The Midlander states that the late Body Shop founder Anita Roddick is one of her biggest business inspirations.

Laura has also lived and worked as far afield as Boston and the Phillipines while developing new business ideas.

A lot of people can talk the talk - it's very easy to fluff up what you've done, but my results are hard-proven

Laura Moore

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