Welcome to Beag air Bheag, a taste of Scottish Gaelic for absolute beginners.

Beag air Bheag means 'little by little', and that is just how the sections of the site aim to introduce you to the language.


Getting started with the units

It may be easier to begin with unit 1 and work through to unit 35, as there is some progression in the level of language difficulty.



Gaelic Grammar often frightens people! Read our introduction and gain in confidence.

Where am I Learning

Find out where other learners are in the world, or why not send information about yourself for our gallery.


Quick Fixes

Have a look at these essential phrases for a quick linguistic fix. Learn how to greet loved ones and say where you are from.


Learn a Gaelic Song!

Why not learn a Gaelic song with Sìneag MacIntyre? Sìneag will teach you all the vocabulary and words you need, then you can sing along with her! Sìneag, who hails from Kilphedar, South Uist started singing from an early age and this has stood her in good stead. She released a CD ‘Làithean Sgoile’ when she was still at school. Sìneag won the Traditional Gold Medal at the Royal National Mod in Dunoon in 2006, and the Gold Medal in Oban at 2009.

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