A History of the World

A digital museum telling a history of the world through objects

Mummy of Hornedjitef Today's object: Mummy of Hornedjitef British Museum Mummy and coffins of a priest who lived over 1,000 years after Tutankhamun and Ramesses the Great.

Weekly theme Weekly theme: Making us human Looking at the first stone tools and how making and using these objects allowed humans to evolve and adapt to different environments.

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A History of the World

This site uses objects to tell a history of the world. You’ll find 100 objects from the British Museum and hundreds more from museums and people across the UK.

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  1. Local MuseumCopy of Thomas Hilliker’s last letter
  2. Local MuseumQueensway Coronation Silk
  3. Local MuseumWindmill Hill Pot

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  1. Ancient Rome
  2. Food
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