AI 2022: The Conference

Exploring the latest developments in the use of automation, algorithms and accountability. This virtual conference provided an essential forum for discussion amongst those at the cutting edge of AI-related innovation, authorities in how it is being used to modernise newsrooms and journalism, and those charged with protecting the public from irresponsible use of this powerful tool.

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  • AI 2022: Conference highlightsAn overview of 2022's two day virtual conference on the growing impact of AI and machine learning within the global media landscape.
  • Innovation in AI driven technologyStorm Fagan, the BBC’s Chief Product Officer, sets out how the BBC is innovating and developing new ways of bringing the best, value-driven and ethical content to audiences.
  • An Insight into AIAn overview of where and how AI-driven technology is used. Professor Maria Liakata of The Alan Turing Institute joins journalists from the BBC and the Guardian to discuss how the media is innovating.
  • AI: Friend or Foe?Is AI always a force for good? Keynote address by Michal Pěchouček, Chief Technical Officer at cyber security firm, Avast on how we can harvest the huge potential AI offers whilst being aware of the risks it can bring.
  • AI and Video Enhancement BBC Blue Room Technologist, Deta Ward presents this fascinating session exploring some of the very latest developments in AI-driven video enhancement tools.
  • Making NewsBBC News Digital Development Editor, Nathalie Malinarich, is joined by top academics in the field of AI to look at how it is used in newsrooms and its impact on journalism. Plus, how Chartbeat uses real time audience data aids.
  • Delving into DataDiscover how the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists apply machine learning techniques to dig out news stories from masses of data and see how the BBC is using facial recognition technology to verify footage in Ukraine.
  • Getting it RightThe BBC’s lead on responsible use of AI and his counterpart at IT giant, Accenture, scrutinise the importance for organisations in the public and private sectors to develop principles to ensure the responsible application of AI and machine learning.
  • Automation, Algorithms and AccountabilityAs legislation progresses through Parliament, Sachin Jogia, Chief Technology Officer at Ofcom, delivers a keynote address on the checks and balances needed to protect the public from harmful use of AI.
  • Lifting the Lid: Inconvenient TruthsKaren Hao of the Wall Street Journal scrutinises the less palatable aspects of AI and ML such as the mass capture of personal data, algorithmic bias, hidden environmental and social costs, and the use of “deep fakes”.
  • Making ML Boring!Join Jules Marshall, the BBC’s Director of Product Data and Bill Thompson from BBC R&D as they explore some of the amazing things that machine learning can do and reflect on plans to expand its use across the BBC.
  • Now for the Science Bit: Future-GazingAn exploration of what the future might look like. Will we be living in a metaverse? If so, who owns it? Will robots have relieved us of many tedious tasks? And will our news be read by a synthetic Huw Edwards?