Storytellers United Hack Jam

A 36-hour hack-jam creating adaptive, object-based media experiences in multidisciplinary teams against the clock.

Storytellers United



manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, The Shed, Chester Street, M1 5GD


This event runs for 36 hours across two days. Wednesday 27 February, 9:00 - 23:00, and Thursday 28 February, 9:00 - 15:30. 

Team up with people across the digital industry to brainstorm ideas, create open-source code and demo prototypes of object-based media experiences.

Participants will compete against the clock, not against each other, to create new adaptive experiences.

They will also have access to unreleased cutting-edge tools and be mentored by industry experts.

The best will be demoed at a mini-conference around the future of storytelling as part of BBC Digital Cities.

The event is run with support from MMU School of Digital Arts, Popathon, University of York’s Digital Creativity Labs and Creative England.

Who is this for?

People who work in the creative industries.

Students in media-related subjects from universities in north-west England.

Anyone interested in the future of media and storytelling.

  • Freelancers, sole-traders and social media experts working in media fields combining data and media
  • Producers and directors interested in adaptive and non-liniear narratives, who may have tried Twine, Eko or Inkle
  • Developers with an interest in audio and video combined with data, who have used javascript libs such as VideoContext.js and Seriously.js
  • Students and academics with a deep interest in object-based media, adaptive and interactive digital narratives
  • Artists exploring mixed media and non-linear narratives


What will you learn?

  • Get hands-on experiences of cutting-edge media tools.
  • Gain advice from local and international industry leaders.
  • Collaborate with new people from different fields of work.
  • Showcase your work to industry leaders and commissioners.


Storytellers United
Ian Forrester Senior BBC R&D firestarter, BBC Research and Development North lab


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