Hello Culture Remix: Manchester

Video may have killed the radio star but the digital revolution has created new ones. In a world of change the role of culture becomes a vital force.

Hello Culture



manchester, Pier 8, The Lowry, Salford, M50 3AZ


Content creation is being transformed, disrupting and changing the cultural experience for audiences and artists.

The demands from audiences are rising exponentially with rapid technological changes. Alexa and Siri can predict our behaviour and needs, Twitter and Google News use machine learning to curate news content to our devices and Google Assistant can make calls for you.

In an era in which digital consumption of cultural content is ever-increasing, arts and cultural organisations will have to navigate how platforms and aggregators help them reach audiences.

But what's the difference between AI and AR? When is it XR and when is it VR? Creating and distributing work in the digital world can often be daunting.

This session will give arts organisations and artists a chance to hear from those who have experienced the highs and lows of digital content creation. It is an opportunity to make sense of the jargon and reflect on the best ways to integrate digital content into your programming and reach new digital audiences.

What will I learn from this day?

The event will look at all aspects of concept, content creation through to engagement and distribution, and give arts organisations the opportunity to optimise their digital platforms for the next generation.

Who is this for?

Arts, culture and heritage organisations, artists, creative technologists, digital media freelancers, third sector parties and academics.


Hello Culture
Lucy Dusgate Producer and programmer, The Lowry
Hello Culture
Lara Ratnaraja Cultural consultant and Hello Culture co-creator
Hello Culture
Helga Henry Consultant, Helga Henry Ltd
Hello Culture
Chris Brown Programme co-curator, Hello Culture
Hello Culture
Ian Forrester Senior BBC R&D firestarter, BBC Research and Development North lab
Hello Culture
Jamie Starboisky Festival director and founder, Queer Media
Hello Culture
Dan Lukas Digital director, Creative Tourist
Hello Culture
Matt Fenton Artistic director and chief executive, Contact Theatre
Hello Culture
James Medd Lab technician, The Landing
Hello Culture
Patrick Towell Executive director, Golant Media Ventures


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