BBC EDGE: Future of Production Sessions

In these exclusive sessions you’ll hear about innovative production techniques from expert practitioners who are using the latest innovative tools and technologies.

BBC EDGE Future Of Production Sessions



bristol, BBC Bristol, 31-33 Whiteladies Rd, BS8 2LR


BBC EDGE is a forum for specialists across the BBC to discuss, investigate, pilot, develop and promote technologies, products and services that support the production of innovative, cost effective audio and visual content.

They are pleased to announce their Future of Production Sessions, made up of four exclusive workshops on a variety of useful topics, some of which are repeated during the day.  

They are open to everybody so book your place now and you will be asked which sessions you would like to attend as part of your booking form.


Adventures in IP: How an IP network rose to a broadcasting challenge (09:30 - 10:00 and 12:30 - 13:00)

When Hull was announced as the UK City of Culture 2017 local BBC engineers had the challenge of working out how to broadcast from a number of tricky locations.

Find out about the clever IP network they designed and built and the decisions they made along the way, which allowed journalists and production crews to go live from parts of the city where it had previously been impossible.  

Keeping connected: Get the bandwidth you need when you’re mobile (10:15 - 11:00 and 14:30 - 15:15)

Connectivity is key for today’s production teams. From roaming SIM cards through to clever software apps, this session will showcase a number of innovative ways to help you get the bandwidth you need.

Presented by the BBC’s Andy Butterworth (principal systems engineer) and Guto Thomas (senior systems engineer), you will learn:

  • how robust connectivity is a key element to going live without any problems
  • practical information about tools and services you can use now in order to help with connectivity
  • tips and advice around mobile journalism that could benefit all types of production

Can AI help? How artificial intelligence could support production (11:15 - 12:15)

‘AI and machine learning technologies offer huge potential to improve, support and disrupt the media industry.’

BBC Research & Development talk us through their award-winning paper, ‘AI in Production’ and tell us about some AI and machine learning projects that have been happening across the BBC and wider industry.

Discover how some of these systems and tools have the potential to assist various elements of the production chain.

What could 5G mean for content makers? (13:15 - 14:15)

5G will deliver super-fast connectivity speeds. But what will this mean for making productions?

Join broadcasting industry experts and the University of Bristol’s Smart Internet Lab for a presentation around the University of Bristol 5GUK Test Network and an interactive discussion about what we’d like to see 5G deliver for productions. 

Come along for as many sessions as you like. As spaces are limited we would be grateful if you only sign up for sessions that you definitely intend to attend.


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