FULLY BOOKED What to Expect: Going Freelance (16:00 - 17:30)

Join BECTU and Northern Film + Media for top tips on launching a successful freelance career in TV production.

BECTU freelancing



newcastle, Tyneside Cinema, 10 Pilgrim St. NE1 6QG


Are you a new entrant or an experienced staffer about to go solo? Does the thought of working for yourself fill you equally with dread and excitement?

Starting out on your own can be daunting and there are a thousand things going through your mind, not least how you pay the rent and keep food on the table.

This interactive workshop session gives you:

  • an overview of what to expect once you take the plunge and covers key areas to think about, from ‘what is freelance?’ through to managing yourself as a business
  • a chance to ask some questions in the safety of the room, like ‘how much should I charge?’ and 'how do I sort out my finances'?

The sesson is delivered by Alison Surtees, northern learning organiser for BECTU, who is also an experienced freelancer.


Who is it for?

Early career professionals, practitioners and students.


BECTU freelancing
Alison Surtees Northern learning organiser, BECTU


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