What you need to know about working with children at the BBC

This podcast discusses the main issues around working with children with two BBC experts.

Working with Children podcast

If you’re a member of BBC Staff embarking on a BBC project that involves children in any capacity, you need to complete the BBC Academy’s Working with Children - Awareness course (link for BBC Staff only).

If you’ve already done the training but feel you need a refresher or you want to reinforce what you’ve learnt, this podcast is designed to help.

If you're not a member of BBC staff, this podcast will give you a good overview of the principles of working with children at the BBC.

In this episode of The BBC Academy Podcast, two BBC experts offer their experience from a wide range of productions and projects.

Margaret Burgin, a former BBC news journalist, was the training manager at the BBC Academy responsible for outreach to schools including BBC School Report.

Catherine McAllister is head of Safeguarding and Child Protection in the BBC Children’s department with special responsibility across the BBC for online issues to do with children.

"It's an absolute joy working with children. It's not something people should be afraid of. If you're following that Code of Conduct, you're doing it right and you've got nothing else to worry about." – Catherine McAllister, head of Safeguarding and Child Protection, BBC Children’s department

In the podcast, you’ll learn about: 

  • The difference between child protection and safeguarding
  • The BBC’s Code of Conduct for working with children
  • When you need DBS and PVG checks
  • The requirement for licencing
  • The use of chaperones on productions
  • Risk assessments for working with children
  • How to find help and advice in the BBC
  • When you must refer up or inform a member of the Children Advisor Network

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