BBC Young Reporter: Reporting the weather with Ben Rich

BBC Weather presenter Ben Rich shares his tips on how to present the weather.


Whether the sun is shining, it’s pouring with rain or there are storms predicted, everyone wants to know what weather is on the way.

Weather reports have been broadcast on the BBC for over 90 years. 

The first forecast with the presenter on screen, was seen on BBC TV more than 60 years ago when they used hand-drawn charts to show weather systems.

Technology has moved on a lot since then, with green screens and satellite images, but people still want to find out what the weather has in store.

BBC Weather presenter Ben Rich shares his tips for putting together a weather forecast:

  • know your audience
  • what is your main message?
  • make it easy to understand
  • make it interesting
  • enjoy it and have fun
  • make sure you are ready to go

Watch the video, download the guide to reporting the weather, and then have a go at making your own weather forecasts.


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