BBC Young Reporter: Making news for radio or a podcast with Ngunan Adamu

Journalist and presenter Ngunan Adamu shows you how to write, record and deliver an audio news report.


Making a report for radio or a podcast isn’t quite the same as making something for TV or the internet. You need to think how you can tell the story without visual clues.

You need to:

  • paint a picture in the minds of your listeners
  • use sound effects
  • describe a scene as there are no pictures to help the listener
  • use your writing and storytelling  skills

You may still like to do a storyboard and you can include interviews, vox pops (asking a range of people their opinions) and sounds to tell your story.

It’s important to think about writing first, as you will have no pictures or graphics you can use.

In this video you will learn about:

  • how to be clear, concise and correct
  • how to keep your writing short and simple as the listener will only hear the words once
  • how to avoid long sentences and write as you speak, for example, you might write 4:00pm but you would say 4 o’clock in the afternoon

Watch our video and have a go at making your own audio report.

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