BBC Young Reporter: Finding news tips from BBC Breakfast's Steph McGovern

Journalist and presenter Steph McGovern delivers a masterclass on how to find news stories.


Steph McGovern and the BBC Breakfast team are always on the lookout for stories which will help to explain the news to the audiences who are watching.


Steph works with a team of producers to research stories, before asking the editor their opinion.


Websites, social media and newspapers are good places to look for stories as well as talking to people. A journalist must be attentive at all times, because you may hear something interesting in the supermarket, on the bus, or on the way home from school.


Journalists do lots of research into the stories they're reporting and must always check their facts and statistics. Don’t take everything you read on social media or online as the truth. Be sure to always check it with an original source or the people involved.


Her top research tip is to find a different angle on stories and tell the audience something they haven’t heard before - or tell stories in a different way.


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