Career change: How to make the leap

More people than ever seem to be changing career - in search of things like flexible working, freelance opportunities or remote working.

Changing your career, whether through choice or redundancy, can be daunting. You can feel inspired and confused at the same time.

But where do you start? And what do you need to consider?

"The average millennial, by the time they retire, will have probably changed their job at least 14 times."– Mel Barclay

 In this podcast you'll learn more about:

  • the risks involved
  • why more people are making the leap
  • techniques to help you plan
  • the help available for BBC staff

The BBC Academy's Jas Rao spoke to Mel Barclay, head of career transition at LHH Penna - an organisation that’s worked with the BBC over a number of years to help redeploy staff. He also chatted to Natasha Stanley, head of content for Careershifters - a website that provides support for people changing careers - and hears from Nina Ridge, a former BBC weather presenter who became a school teacher. 


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