How to make the most of creative sessions

There are numerous ways to get the most out of people in creative sessions. We spoke to three experts to see what works for them.

If you work in the media you're most likely involved in regular creative ideas sessions (like the one above). But what form can they take - what techniques can you use to improve them?

The BBC Academy's Charles Miller spoke to former BBC journalist and development producer Steve Rawling, the founder of creativity training company Now Go CreateClaire Bridges, and Facebook product designer Tanner Christensen

“It's about understanding how to create what I call a 'whole brain team'... Understanding what everyone brings to the table in relation to creativity.” – Claire Bridges


In this podcast you will learn: 

  • techniques to spark ideas
  • methods leaders can employ to help their whole team think more creatively
  • whether creativity is a skill you can develop or a gift you're born with 
  • the benefits of creative sessions to teams across the media


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