Digital sport: Closer to the action

Gone are the days when all sports fans enjoyed their favourite games in front of the TV. Consuming sport has become a more involved, all-encompassing experience.

Advanced tech, behind-the-scenes experiences, full games on social media - how do the latest digital innovations affect the traditional broadcast industry?

And what do they mean for you if you're trying to get a job as a sports journalist or producer? 

"There are completely new players delivering big audiences through online only platforms... it does feel like it's a bit of a Wild West at the moment." – Professor Andy Miah

 In this podcast you'll learn more about:

  • the new digital innovations being used across a range of sport
  • the future of sports consumption habits
  • the impact of these changes on existing broadcasters
  • the importance of storytelling

The BBC Academy's Jas Rao speaks to Professor Andy Miah, author of ‘Sport 2.0: Transforming Sports for a Digital World’, and Stuart Rowson, younger audiences editor at BBC Sport, as well as hearing from Manchester City FC's social media manager Chris Parkes-Nield, Table Tennis England's head of commercial Mark Taffler and Hashtag UTD commercial director and midfielder Seb Carmichael-Brown.


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