Silvermouse for BBC production paperwork - independent productions

Use Silvermouse to enter and complete the production reporting for BBC-commissioned TV programmes and non-linear content so it can be referred to by future productions. This ensures all relevant parties have the information they need for transmission or republication, and to meet the BBC's legal and contractual obligations.

Silvermouse is a web-based system which issues forms to production teams to record the post-production paperwork for their TV programmes and non-linear audio-visual content. 

Although independent production companies may be familiar with Silvermouse and already use it for production paperwork for other broadcasters, this video shows the BBC's specific requirements. 

**From August 2020, non-linear content (including diversity reporting) should be reported in Silvermouse as well as linear TV programmes. Please speak to your BBC contact for more details**

The following helpcards provide detailed support for each of the forms, identifying what information is required by the BBC. If you have any questions about content, please refer to your BBC contact in the first instance. 


  • Getting started with Silvermouse - find out how to navigate the system and locate your forms
  • Billings form - used by listings magazines, such as the Radio Times, and for digital programme guides, BBC iPlayer and the BBC's programme websites. The BBC iPlayer's billings guide explains where the billings synopses appear and provides some key tips on writing them well.
  • The Emergency Billings form should only be used as instructed by your delivery contact or in the event of an emergency. Afterwards, the standard Billings form should be completed in Silvermouse
  • Contributors form - is a key element of the BBC Programme as Completed (PasC) document and details all the people used in the programme or content and their contracts and agreements. Examples include actors, musicians, writers, experts or interviewees
  • Copy forms and content - shows how to quickly copy content between and within forms
  • Copyrights form - is another key element of the BBC PasC and details all the copyright works used in the programme or content and how they were cleared for use. Examples include scripts, poems, stills, artistic works and commissioned or archive footage
  • Cue Sheet form - reports all the music in the programme or content so the correct parties can be paid
  • Diversity Actual form - tracks the diversity information for the people who work on the programme or content, both on- and off-screen. See Diamond for more information
  • Diversity Perceived form - reports the diversity of the on-screen characters or people as perceived by the audience. See Diamond for more information
  • Front Page form - provides all the key information about the programme or content, and forms part of the BBC PasC document
  • Header - contains the common data across all the forms
  • Non-Linear - for audio-visual content which is accessed by viewers through any method or technology which allows them to select which shows they watch and when they watch them


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