iBroadcast step-by-step guides

iBroadcast is used to add content to programme web pages at bbc.co.uk/programmes. Pictures, text, links, video and audio clips can be added to these pages.


Guide to programme pages

Brand pages, series pages, episode pages - a brief guide to what it all means.  


How to access iBroadcast

iBroadcast is accessed via a web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari on a Mac) so it'll work on any BBC computer you’re logged in to. You just need the URL – https://production.bbc.co.uk/ibroadcast

Read the guide 


Find a page in iBroadcast

If you want to add content to a programme page, you need to find the editable version of the page in iBroadcast.

Watch the video


Video or audio clips

iBroadcast publishes video and audio clips to pages at www.bbc.co.uk/programmes. Published clips can also be added to pages made with iSite.

The clip publishing process consists of six or eight steps (depending on which iBroadcast group you belong to). There's a guide to each:

Guide to publishing clips - six steps

Guide to publishing clips - eight steps

Alternative method, starting from the programme page then adding the clip:

Guide to clips added directly to a programme page

Local Radio guide to publishing clips


Uploading and preparing images

You can upload images (.jpeg or .png, but .jpeg is most widely used) to iBroadcast. They can then be placed on a programme page, or added to pages built in iSite.

Read the guide


Picture galleries

You can add galleries of images to programme pages.

There are two ways to create a gallery:

1. Starting from the programme page

2. Using the Add New dropdown menu


Supporting content

Text, pictures and links can be added to programme pages. In iBroadcast this is called supporting content. Each supporting content item can contain a headline, text (optional), an image (optional) and links (optional).

Read the guide


Related links

You can add links to Brand, Series, Episode or clip pages. You can link to BBC pages and to external sites.

Make sure you have read the BBC links guidelines.

Read the guide


Music track listings

You can add a list of the music played in your programme (or speech items that were broadcast). Here's an example of a music track listing.

How to bulk upload music track lists



A collection is a group of items which appear on a collection page. You can add brand, series, episode, podcast pages, clips and galleries to a collection.

Guide to creating collections (maintained by the Radio support team).



A promo sits on a programme page (brand, series or episode) and links to another web page. 

There are two choices of what you can promote:

  • 'Promote a BBC programme' promotes pages at bbc.co.uk/programmes. The types of page you can promote are: brand, series, episode, clip, season or collection.

  • 'Promote a URL' lets you promote any other web page, either a BBC page (one that isn't a standard programme page, e.g. www.bbc.co.uk/weather) or a page on an external website.

There is a guide for each type of promotion:

Promote a BBC programme

Promote a URL


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