Wrapping your file

Adding the necessary meta-data to your programme file

In the tape world, we had information on labels and on a report inside the box that told us what was on the tape. In the file world we call this information meta-data and it is embedded within the file.

The file format standard that the DPP have specified for file delivery is called AS-11, and it is a particular type of MXF wrapper file. It contains the audio and video essence encoded with very specific codecs. It also contains descriptive and technical meta-data some of which is mandatory.

It is important that all the mandatory metadata is entered, otherwise the AQC will fail. It is also important that the metadata is correct and accurately describes the essence within the file.

There are many possible workflows to create an AS-11 DPP file, including directly exporting from an NLE (non-linear editor) or by using a ‘mezzanine’ file for subsequent wrapping on a separate encoding device.

Note: this film states that you cannot enter more than 127 characters into the 'synopsis' meta-data field. The AS-11 DPP file specification actually allows 250 characters. The DPP Metadata Application version 1.2 demonstrated in this film will only allow 127 characters. The DPP is working to update their application to accept 250 characters.

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