Writing For BBC Radio Comedy

If you want to write comedy, radio is the perfect place to start. That Mitchell and Webb Sound, Little Britain, Flight of The Conchords, The Mighty Boosh & Miranda were all hit BBC Radio series before they were hits on television.

Topical radio comedies like Weekending gave huge numbers of writers their first break and BBC Radio Comedy through shows like Newsjack and The Show What You Wrote is an open door to new writing talent today as much as it ever has been.

In this guide BBC Radio Comedy offers up clips, videos scripts and articles that we hope will take you on your way to getting your words performed on air. We will take you through writing non commissioned topical and non topical sketches through to additional writing on flagship series like The Now Show & The News Quiz and finally how you might develop an award winning BBC Radio Comedy of your own.


  1. Introduction
    Writing For BBC Radio Comedy
    Radio comedy: it could be you

  2. The open door: non commissioned comedy
    The open door
    What is Newsjack?
    Newsjack: the writers' meeting
    Newsjack: writing one-liners
    Newsjack: an easy approach to writing topical sketches 
    Newsjack: working with script editors
    The Show What You Wrote: an introduction
    The Show What You Wrote: notes from the script editor
    The Show What You Wrote: from submission to broadcast

  3. The additional writer
    Getting commissioned
    The additional writer
    Writing for The News Quiz
    BBC Radio Comedy writer's bursary
    Becoming a bursary writer

  4. Developing your own radio comedy show
    Developing your own show
    Developing Can't Tell Nathan Caton Nothing
    Writing successful radio comedy treatments
    BBC Radio Comedy: what we want
    Finding an agent
    Beyond Radio
    Father Figure: From radio to TV

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