Transmedia storytelling

This week's episode of the CoP Show explains what transmedia storytelling is and why producers might want to use it.

The simplest definition of transmedia storytelling is that it is a technique used to tell stories across multiple platforms: TV, radio, games, novels, social media, online or anywhere a story can unfold.

"I think the core of it, is confidence in storytelling."– Chris Sizemore

A transmedia storyteller may create many "entrypoints" across different platforms, so that, for example, a fan of a drama can read the online diaries of their favourite characters or follow their comments on Twitter.

The theory goes that by doing this not only can you give your audience more of what they want and love but you can also bring in a whole new audience that otherwise would not find your content.

To discuss transmedia storytelling Simon Smith is joined by Chris Sizemore, Adrian Hon and Meg Jayanth. They provide some examples of transmedia storytelling including Dr WhoBecoming Human, The CodeEastEnders spin-off E20control Katy Perry on BBC Radio 1 and the Springwatch and Autumnwatch series.

Chris Sizemore is an executive editor for BBC Learning & Knowledge online. His team has worked on projects which feed into the BBC's TV and radio programmes including Lab UK and Things to Do.

Adrian Hon is the co-founder and chief creative officer at transmedia specialist Six to Start. They have created games, apps, and transmedia experiences for clents including the BBC, Channel 4, Disney, Penguin books and Wired magazine.

Meg Jayanth is a multi-platform producer for the BBC. She has worked on the Planet Dinosaur game for BBC One's Planet Dinosaur and on BBC Knowledge and Learning's Game of Me project.

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