Getting into TV

Simon Smith talks about how to land and keep that elusive first job in television with four guests who each have a wealth of tips, advice and resources at their fingertips.

It can be hard to break through the catch-22 situation of needing experience in order to secure a job, and moving from work experience to paid employment takes diligence, hard work and creativity.

"Do your research into what kind of job you think you want to do, what that job entails and how your skills will fit." – Jude Winstanley

In the studio are Jude Winstanley, creator of The Unit List, Shu Richmond, author of the blog So You Want to Work in Television, Elsa Sharp, talent manager at Dragonfly TV and author of How to Get a Job in Television and BBC talent manager Sarah Grout, who looks after the Vision Intake Pool.

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