v - (abbreviation of "versus") ie lower case and unpunctuated...


(abbreviation of "versus") ie lower case and unpunctuated.


(ie with double "l") is our favoured spelling for the capital of Malta (and not "Valetta").

value added tax/VAT

ie lower case, no hyphen. The abbreviated form is VAT (ie all caps, no punctuation).

VE Day

ie no hyphen. It marked the end of World War Two in Europe (Victory in Europe Day), on 8 May 1945.


It is fine to speak of someone being eg: the vicar of Bray. But do not describe someone as being a "vicar" without immediately naming the parish. In the absence of the parish name, say instead a member of the clergy.


ie hyphenated. The political position follows our usual rule: ie upper case if accompanied by a name; otherwise, lower case. References to company vice-presidents should always be lower case - whether or not the individual is named.

Vietnam War

ie both words capped.


One of the smallest known organisms, which can only reproduce inside host cells - it may cause influenza, measles, mumps, chicken pox, Aids and other diseases. Not to be confused with bacteria - these are living cells which, once inside the body, release poisons or toxins that result in food poisoning, cholera, typhoid etc.

VJ Day

ie no hyphen. It means Victory over Japan Day, and refers to 15 August 1945.


is our preferred option, rather than vulcanologist.

vow, to

This is journalese (as in "The government vows to eliminate waste") that, for space reasons, is acceptable in both headlines and text. But try to find something better (eg: promises) if space allows.


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