Investigative reporting techniques: Paul Kenyon

Investigative journalism often calls for technical skill, resourcefulness and bravery, especially when it involves surreptitious filming and exposing wrongdoing. Panorama reporter Paul Kenyon discusses Undercover Care: The Abused Exposed, while some of the BBC’s most experienced investigative journalists offer advice.

Warning: this video contains some violent and upsetting scenes.

Investigative programmes in particular frequently call in freelance or other outside help during the course of production. It is important that everyone working for the BBC in these circumstances, even for a short time, understands the BBC’s editorial framework, the standards and behaviours expected of them, and the procedures they will be required to follow.

It is also incumbent on the BBC to provide a proper level of training, guidance and support.

This video explains how both of those things can be achieved. Made with the help of some of the BBC’s most senior and experienced investigative journalists, it stands on its own as a guide to best practice for those both inside and outside the BBC.   

It is also designed to act as a tool in the contracting process between programme producers and freelancers, to help ensure that each understands the needs and obligations of the other at all stages of the production process. 

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