Profile: props buyer

Verity Scott, a props buyer for CBBC drama The 4 O'Clock Club, explains what her job involves - budgeting, buying, and making the set look as authentic as possible.

Any drama production needs props. They might be mentioned explicitly in the script, or they are required as 'dressing' in order to make sets look authentic. These props need to be identified, sourced and collected within a certain time frame and budget. Props buyers, also known as production buyers, are responsible for this.

"What we're struggling to do is to make something look lived in, to have some character and age to it." – Verity Scott

They need to build up a network of useful contacts and suppliers, such as prop houses and manufacturers so they can source and obtain props efficiently. They also need good budgeting skills and an understanding of the aesthetic brief of their productions so they know the era, style and overall look required of the props.

For The 4 O'Clock Club, Verity has to find props to dress a school, a staff room and a family living room. Most of her day is spent out and about finding and buying the props. But she also has to stay on top of the budget, and extensive research goes into making sure the props are the right ones for the set and as inexpensive as possible.

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