Commercial Holdings Board

The Commercial Holdings Board is responsible for the governance, assurance and oversight of the BBC’s commercial subsidiaries

The BBC Board is the main decision making body for all of the BBC, including the BBC’s commercial activities, which are undertaken through commercial subsidiaries.

The BBC Board exercises control over the BBC’s commercial subsidiaries through the BBC Commercial Holdings Board.

The BBC Commercial Holdings Board is responsible for the governance, assurance and oversight of the BBC group commercial subsidiaries - BBC Global News, BBC Studios and BBC Studioworks.

The BBC Commercial Holdings Board is chaired by Elan Closs Stephens, a non-executive member of the BBC Board, and comprises members of the BBC Board (both non-executive and executive members), directors across the commercial parts of the BBC and an independent director. The Board meets formally approximately eight times a year.

Directors of the BBC Commercial Holdings Board

BBC commercial subsidiaries’ executive committees

Each of the BBC’s commercial subsidiaries has an executive committee, which is responsible for the operational management of that subsidiarity.

BBC Studios

The members of the BBC Studios Executive Committee are:

  • Sheena Amin, Director, UKTV Ventures
  • Marcus Arthur, President, BBC Studios UK & Ireland and CEO, UKTV
  • Rowland Beckley, Casting Director
  • Maggy Chan, Managing Director, Global Distribution
  • Paul Dempsey, President, Global Distribution
  • Charlotte Elston, Director of Communications
  • Martyn Freeman, General Counsel
  • Tom Fussell, Interim CEO
  • David Moody, Director of Strategy & Business Development
  • Lisa Opie, Managing Director, UK Production
  • Ralph Lee, Director of Content
  • Mark Linsey, Chief Creative Officer
  • Sonia Magris, Interim Group Finance Director
  • Jabbar Sardar, HR Director
  • Nicki Sheard, Chief Marketing Officer

Global News Limited

The members of the Global News Executive Committee are:

  • David Weiland, Chief Executive Officer
  • Charlie Villar, Chief Operating Officer
  • Mary Wilkinson, Head of Content
  • Sean O’Hara, Executive Vice President of Advertising
  • Chris Davies, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Distribution
  • Sula Jordan, Digital Director
  • Chris Loweth, Head of Legal
  • Liz Wilson, Head of Finance
  • Mary Darcey, Head of Operations
  • Lindsey Allen, HR Business Partner

BBC Studioworks

The members of the Studioworks Executive Committee are:

  • Andrew Moultrie, Chief Executive Officer
  • John O’Callaghan, Operations Director
  • Peter Hall, Finance Director
  • Katie Leveson, Culture and Transformation Director
  • Jon Noakes, Commercial Director
  • Geoff Ward, Technical Operations Manager
  • Steve Jenkinson, Operations Manager
  • Karen Meachen, Head of Communications
  • Cathy McGrath, HR Manager