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Covid19 Production Guidance – BBC Scotland

We have had a number of queries across our active productions regarding the impact of coronavirus on current BBC Scotland productions.

We are asking all Producers to follow government advice in relation to the safety of all involved in the production.

The latest Government advice can be found on their website.

Producers for BBC Scotland who have concerns regarding the impact of the current situation on production, delivery or contractual terms including insurance, should speak to their normal business affairs contact. Each programme will have different considerations, which we can discuss on a case by case basis.

Where necessary we will exercise flexibility on the delivery date and we will engage with your suggestions that could enable delivery under difficult circumstances but may vary the editorial brief we agreed at the outset of production.

We are asking that all commissioner and business affairs meetings should be held via phone or video conference, we have the facilities to set this up for you.

Please talk to your Commissioning Executive and/or Business Affairs Manager if you have any queries.

Best wishes, 

Steve Carson
Head of Multiplatform CommissioningThe commissioning team

Coronavirus advice for BBC productions

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