We commission content for all BBC Scotland’s radio, television, online and social media services.

Welcome to the BBC Scotland commissioning page.

Explore the profiles below for up-to-date information on current opportunities for each genre. We are a multiplatform team so are always looking for ways in which our content can work across two or more platforms, so please consider how to achieve this when developing ideas.

Our Digital budget contains provision for additional linked-to-linear content. We're also keen to ensure that our content reflects Scotland's social, geographic, gender and ethnic diversity, and are particularly focused on finding stories from outside Glasgow.

Proposals that have other finance attached or that have the potential to bring in other funders are also attractive. Thank you for your interest in working with us.

Steve CarsonHead of Multiplatform Commissioning

Scotland’s People 2020

Ideas are invited for a unique programme reflecting on an extraordinary year in the life of Scotland. This programme will celebrate the people of this country who have risen to great challenges, shown support for others and been a lifeline in their city, town, village or community.

Full details on Radio and Events commissioning page.

Scotland - Fact Ents Development Scheme

BBC Three, BBC Scotland and Screen Scotland are coming together to champion local companies who want to develop creative and innovative factual entertainment formats that can engage the whole of the UK. This new scheme is inviting independent production companies with a substantive base in Scotland to submit format ideas that reflect the life experiences of 16-24-year-olds.

Full details on Digital, Social and Youth commissioning page.

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