How we govern the ways in which the BBC distributes its services and content of third-party platforms

Following a period of public consultation, the BBC has published its distribution policy setting out seven high level conditions for the BBC’s distribution activity.

These conditions govern the way the BBC distributes its services and content on third party distribution platforms:

  • Prominence - the placement of BBC content and services relative to those of other providers should be in line with audience needs and expectations
  • Editorial control - the BBC should retain editorial control of its content and its placement
  • Branding and attribution - users should be able to easily identify which content on a platform is provided by the BBC
  • Quality - users should be able to enjoy a high quality experience of BBC content and services
  • Data - the BBC should have access to data about the usage of its services
  • Free access - users should incur no incremental cost to access BBC content and services
  • Value for money - BBC distribution arrangements should maximise cost-effectiveness of distribution to the licence fee payer.

The publication of this policy is a requirement of the BBC's current regulatory framework.

The BBC's process for dealing with requests for distribution is set out in a separate guidance document. The current version of that guidance document can be found below.

Read the distribution policy and the guidance below.

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