Child protection

Our policy and code of conduct are to ensure the safeguarding of children and young people working at or visiting the BBC

Informing, educating and entertaining young audiences is right at the heart of the BBC's remit as a public service broadcaster.

To achieve this we work directly with children and young people as contributors to content, actors or performers, spectators at shows and events, and visitors to our buildings.

Everyone who directly interacts with children on behalf of the BBC must comply with our Child Protection Policy, Code of Conduct and Guide to Working with Children at the BBC.

Everybody working for the BBC, either as a permanent member of staff, freelancer, talent, supporting artist or contractor working on a BBC commissioned production or event, and regardless of seniority or role, has a responsibility to safeguard the welfare of children.

Although the BBC is not a statutory body it has a duty of care for any child with whom it interacts, regardless of the nature of the interaction, as well as a responsibility to act in the child’s best interests if it becomes aware of a risk of harm to a child, even if the risk lies externally to the BBC.

These documents support our staff, freelancers and contractors in putting into practice the BBC’s commitment to safeguarding the welfare of under-18s.

Child Protection Policy

This policy applies to all staff working for the BBC, whether in the UK, Eire or international bureaux either as a permanent member of staff, contractor or freelancer, and regardless of seniority or role. Independent companies (Indies) are required to comply with the BBC Child Protection Policy when engaged on any commissioned production involving children.

Child Protection Code of Conduct 

The BBC has a strict Code of Conduct to which all staff working with children, in whatever capacity, must adhere. The importance of this Code is that it makes explicit the behaviour that is expected when working within any environment that includes children and therefore makes any deviation from the Code of Conduct easily identifiable. It is not meant to inhibit normal interactions with children, but rather to support respectful relationships between BBC staff and children.

On this website the term "children and young people" (often shortened to just "children") means anyone under the age of 18 years.