Conclusion on the BBC’s draft Editorial Guidelines

This consultation was open from 4 October to 12 November 2018

The BBC’s Editorial Guidelines set the editorial standards for the BBC. They apply to everyone who works for the BBC or produces output for the BBC. For BBC staff, adherence to the Editorial Guidelines is a stipulation in their employment contracts. For independent companies, adherence to the Guidelines is a contractual requirement for making output for the BBC.

Under the current Charter, the BBC Board is responsible for the Editorial Guidelines and must, “set, publish, review periodically, and observe guidelines designed to secure appropriate standards in the context of the UK Public Services”

In October 2018 the BBC published a revised draft of the Editorial Guidelines for consultation. This consultation closed in November 2018. The BBC received 28 responses to the public consultation.

The BBC Board approved changes to the draft Editorial Guidelines having taken into account feedback from the consultation.

The Editorial Guidelines 2019 were published on 8 July 2019. The Guidelines and the associated guidance can be found below.

Editorial Guidelines

The Editorial Guidelines 2019 and associated guidance are available on the BBC website:

Consultation documents

Consultation responses

The BBC received 28 responses to the public consultation. Where permission has been given, responses from organisations and academics are published below: