Radio Facilities

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  • Radio VSAT Vehicle

    Radio VSAT Vehicle

    Equipped for everything from simple three minute live inserts into a programme, to a pre-recording of comedy programmes with play-ins of music and effects - the VSat is a completely self-sufficient control room. Based on a high roof Volkswagen Transporter, the van can run for several hours without being connected to a local mains supply, which, combined with the facility of its on-board satellite uplink, makes it a truly wireless device for the digital age.

  • Radio OB facilities

    Radio OB facilities

    Here in BBCNI Technology Operations we take pride in having industry trained, experienced staff who efficiently can capture the soundscape of your event.

  • Radio Studio 3

    Radio Studio 3

    Studio 3 is purpose built to a high broadcast specification and is specifically designed for radio drama, readings, education productions and small acoustic music groups.

  • Radio studios

    Radio studios

    Studio 5 is purpose built to a high BBC broadcast specification and has been designed as a general purpose studio. The studio is ideal for live and pre- recorded discussion programmes involving outside sources for contributions from other studios or by ISDN, telephone or IP. The area has the infrastructure to take to air up to 6 live telephone contributions simultaneously.

  • Radio Facilities

    Radio Facilities

    Radio Facilities

  • Radio OB units

    Radio OB units

    BBC NI Sound Control Vehicle 1 is a multi-purpose audio vehicle, custom built for BBC NI.