BBC’s interactive TV offer

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What's on offer?

The BBC runs an interactive TV service through which you can access additional television programming, live coverage from major sporting and cultural events, sports scores, lottery and weather information as well as the latest breaking national and global news stories.

Pressing the red button is the simplest way to enjoy the additional coverage available from all the big events, including Glastonbury, Wimbledon, The Snooker Championships, the Common Wealth Games and the Winter Olympics.

How do I get it?

The service is available on both standard broadcast and internet connected TVs. The quickest and easiest way to get to this content is by pressing the red button on your remote control from any BBC TV channel.

What’s the difference between broadcast TV and the internet connected TV experience?

On internet connected TVs, the BBC offers a richer interactive TV experience that broadcast TV can’t support. On internet connected TV, you can enjoy and get quickly to all your favourite BBC apps including BBC iPlayer, BBC News, BBC Sport, BBC Weather and BBC Live on the biggest screen in your home.

In essence, pressing red on a connected TV is a shortcut to BBC iPlayer where you can discover and watch your favourite television programmes, on your television, on-demand. It’s also the easiest way to access compelling live event coverage as well as the latest clips, highlights and news stories from BBC Sport as well as the latest breaking local, national and global news from BBC News.

The full connected, interactive BBC TV experience is available on hundreds of Smart televisions and on major television platforms like Virgin, TiVo, and YouView.

Click here  more help in getting your TV connected or working out if your TV is able to get BBC iPlayer

The broadcast interactive service remains available on the majority of digital televisions without an internet connection.