Radio Wales Commissioning

Radio Wales Commissioning Round 2021-22

The BBC Radio Wales commissioning round for 2021-22 is now open. You can download the document here. The closing date for submissions on Proteus is Tuesday 6th October at noon. 

BBC Radio Wales in a nutshell…

We are the national radio station for Wales. Our mission is to create radio at the heart of life in Wales. We’re predominantly targeting contemporary 50 somethings. We want to reinvent radio for the over 45s, avoiding the clichés and being clear about their passions and concerns.

We are at the heart of the national conversation, but we want to entertain just as much as we educate and inform.

And we aim to attract them by:

  • News: outstanding news and current affairs, which really matters to people in Wales.
  • Sport: giving priority to the moments which bring Wales together. Quality over volume.
  • Live: speech led content which is distinctive, authentic, entertaining and has substance. Supporting the national conversation.
  • Comedy: winning hearts, not just minds. A mix of big names and supporting new talent.
  • Music, culture and events: supporting Welsh culture and entertainment in its broadest sense. A platform to reflect and celebrate Wales.
  • In-depth: features which provide deep-dive moments for our listeners.


We are constantly looking for extraordinary ideas and stories by talented writers that can be crafted into entertaining and insightful drama.

Ambition and originality are paramount. Stories with relevance to Wales - in character or location - will often be prioritised. But, as you'll see from forthcoming productions, we aim to tell stories with national or international appeal.

BBC Wales Radio Drama produces plays for network radio and BBC Radio Wales. Radio is as competitive as TV and has rigorous standards.

How to submit ideas

The commissioning of an idea, and the development and production of a programme is complex and highly competitive.

All unsolicited scripts should be sent in the first instance to the Writersroom.

For Radio 4 we are looking for innovative, original drama scripts. We are particularly, though not exclusively, interested in ideas which reflect Welsh writing, culture and experience. There are set criteria for Radio 4 (see below) and you should only submit an idea if you feel it fits a particular transmission slot.

You can also contact us with your ideas outside of commissioning rounds. Please send your ideas to

Radio delivery guidelines

  • Radio delivery guidelinesThis is the essential guide to help programme makers with information on what to deliver with a programme, to whom and by when.

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