The Welsh Language - Our Commitment

We take our responsibility towards the Welsh language seriously and see the new standards as an opportunity to reinforce this and to provide high quality services to our audiences in Wales.

The BBC is committed to meeting the requirements of the standards, and we have a responsibility to do this when we provide:

  • Audience Services
  • Corporate Services
  • Television Licensing

We recognise the right of individuals to live their lives through the medium of Welsh and we will not treat the language less favourably than English when we deliver these services.

We welcome communication from the public and our stakeholders in Wales in Welsh and English.

You can...

  • Call us and expect a bilingual service
  • Write us a letter or email us in Welsh or English
  • Talk to us face to face in Welsh and English
  • Complain to us in Welsh if we don't get it right

We will...

  • Write to you and communicate with you in Welsh and English
  • Publish our public documents in Wales bilingually
  • Hold our public meetings and our corporate events in Wales in Welsh and English
  • Provide bilingual information on-line about the BBC in Wales
  • Promote opportunities to use Welsh with us

Our broadcast services on radio, television and on-line are not included within the standards.

We will continue to provide quality programmes and content in Wales through the medium of English and Welsh.


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